As there are so many of us in Minnesota who love to take a trip "up North" on the weekends, it would be a great idea to stop at this giant flea market that has been around for over 52 years!

Shady Hollow flea market is located in Detroit Lakes and they say you can get some very unique finds there, so it's absolutely worth the drive.

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There are several flea markets in Minnesota, and ever one is known for one thing or another.  The Shady Hollow flea market is known for being one of the largest with some of the most unique items for sale.

According to "Only in Minnesota" you will find vintage clothing, collectibles, old advertisements, tools, home décor and crafting supplies. One of the great things about shopping at a flea market, like this one, is that you can find items for your home that are unique or can be repurposed- things that you wouldn't necessarily find at a big box store le Target or Wal Mart.  And they will look a lot cooler, too.  Definitely conversation pieces will be found at this flea market.

If you happen to be with some people that are perusing the wares at the flea market, but you aren't interested in those things, there are also farmer's Market type of items like fresh produce, veggies and other food items.  There is also usually some sort of live music entertainment to enjoy.

What are the hours of this flea market?

They are basically open during the summer months.  They have announced that they will be open this year from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, and there may be a few other dates during September depending on the weather.

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