Luke Bryan's new album "Crash My Party" is set for release on next Tuesday (August 13) and Bryan has a number in mind that he feels "would define the success of this album"

Bryan grabbed everybody's attention with his latest album "Tailgates & Tanlines" selling two-million copies.

Two-millions copies, very successful, but Bryan wants more out of his next album, "Crash My Party",Bryan, would like to double that number.

Bryan said, "What would define the success of this album is obviously to sell three or four million albums. If I can do that on this one, it's a success." He doesn't only have that goal for his new album, but his career in general. Bryan went on to say, "My main thing is to continue to move the needle and upping my game constantly"... "Coming with better songs, singing better, and fueling the live show to grow into bigger and bigger venues for as many years as I can."

"Crash My Party" is out Tuesday, August 13. Are you going to add it to your collection? See the video for the title track below.