Lowe's Corporation has announced they will close the Rogers store within the month. That's bad news for the employees, but could be good news for you.

There will be extra low pricing throughout the store to clear the shelves of as much merchandise as possible before the stores doors close forever. While there will be some great savings, don't get your hopes up on getting items for next to nothing.

My personal prediction will be that they will lower their prices on many of the lower end items. The higher ticket items will just be routed to one of their other Minneapolis stores and end up in their inventory.

I'm planning my trip to Rogers now so I can at least see what kinds of savings I might take advantage of. While I always hate seeing people lose their jobs because a company can't make it, I can't pass up a deal on some of the items I may need for the house. Take advantage of the savings, but please don't rub it in the employee's faces while you scoop up the bargains. The final day Lowe's of Rogers will be open is November 13.

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