A lot of people think they know what Dementia is; but actually; you may not have all the facts. Many people think that being forgetful is a part of natural again; and it is not. Whether you have someone you love suffering from Dementia, a parent or grandparent, a friend; Maybe you are worried you might be headed in that direction, or maybe you just want to be a friend to someone who could really use a friend, becoming a Dementia friend can be a great way to help educate people.

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Cristina Rodriguez stopped by for an interview yesterday; and she told me the one thing she tells everyone is to stop asking people if "THEY REMEMBER" something...rather use the word RECALL instead. Asking people if they REMEMBER who they went to lunch with yesterday, is much harsher than asking a person if they can recall who they went to lunch with.


This is just one of the tips Cristina mentioned in our interview. She would love to see people learn more, to help reduce the stigma attached with Dementia; and understand what Dementia truly is; and to help people with Dementia live their best life; with understanding, and a helping hand. If you've been looking for something that could change your life and benefit others; this could be what you've been looking for.


You are invited to become a Dementia Friend with Silver Lining Dementia. May educational opportunities are happening here in central Minnesota:

  • Tuesday, October 1st at 6 pm: Serenity Village of Avon
  • Tuesday, October 15th at 1 pm: Sartell Community Center
  • Wednesdsay, October 23rd at 1 pm: Benton County Public Health in Foley


There will also be educational classes offered as a 4 part series for those who want a more in depth look at Dementia:

  • Dementia Speaks: Part 1 of 4:  October 10th at 6 pm  Sauk Rapids Middle School .
  • Dementia Doesn't Equal Memory Care:October 15th at 6 pm at The Sanctuary at St. Cloud.
  • Can You Hear Me Now? Communications and dementia: October 22nd at 6 pm, at Serenity Village of Avon.
  • Dementia Speaks: October 24th at 6 pm at the Sauk Rapids Middle School


If you would like more information, please RSVP to Cristina Rodriguez at:, or call Cristina at 320.293.7107.

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