Legos have been around for as long as I can remember.  They used to be the thing that was left on the floor that my parents would walk across, step on and then the neighbors 3 doors down would be able to hear the scream of pain.  That one might be a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea.

Legos have come a long way.  The things that you can build have really evolved into some somewhat complicated structures.  There are whole Lego stores, Lego world, and more.  And apparently a giant convention that pops up around the country.

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Brick Fest Live is coming to the Minneapolis Convention Center September 30th through October 1st.  What is it? And what can you expect at the exhibit?

Over a million bricks on display and ready for play!

Tickets for the event vary in times and prices.  $16.99 - $37.99 and if you are interested, you may need to act fast.  Some of the times for each day, Saturday and Sunday are already sold out.  The price range is because some of the lower priced tickets are General Admission, and the others are for VIP.  If you purchase a VIP ticket, you do get some extra perks and swag bags. But those are mostly the tickets that have been sold out.

If you, or if you have kids who are really into Legos, this might be the event you've been waiting for.

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