The Dictator
Netflix and WHAT? I'll tell 'em I'm dead! (Getty Images)

Have you ever lied to get out of jury duty?

Don't answer out loud. If fact, don't even nod at your screen. Keep it internal.

An allegedly love-struck Irishman got called for jury duty. At first he told the judge that he couldn't be in the jury because he was 'going away for the weekend' and wouldn't be back in time for the trial.

Didn't work.

And then he said it was for a romantic getaway and that he was in love...for the first time in his 54 years on Earth!

The judge smiled at the 54 year old likely-virgin and excused the man from jury duty.

Just goes to show: pity parties work!

Queen's Bench
I mean...he DID say that she invited him over for Netflix and Chill... (Getty Images)

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