Here's something I learned today, there is more than one National Pancake Day. Because when something that tasty and delicious is what we are celebrating, why wouldn't there be more than one day?

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For as long as I can remember, National Pancake Day has always been on Fat Tuesday. As a matter of fact if CNN's research is correct;

Pancake Day

It started when Pope St. Gregory prohibited Christians form eating all forms of meat and animal products during Lent around A.D. 600. He told St. Augustine of Canterbury, a founder of the Christian church in southern England, to enforce those same fasting rules in England. So Christians made pancakes to use up their supply of eggs, milk and butter in preparation for Lent.

Then who is anyone to argue with tradition that old? Usually this is when IHOP would be doing their first of two National Pancake Days, but this year they are celebrating the Tuesday after Fat Tuesday, February 28th, and then again in September, which they've been doing for a while. So this year we have THREE National Pancake Days and if you want to celebrate accordingly or if you're like me, you just like good pancakes on any given day. Here are:

5 Best Places Around St. Cloud to Get Pancakes...According to Yelp:

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  • 2.) Park Diner - Located at 1531 Division Street Waite Park
  • 3.) IHOP - located at 327 2nd St. S. Waite Park

For more reviews from Yelp or to leave your own because you don't see your favorite place on this list, head over HERE. Also while you're at it, I'd love to know where you think the best pancakes are around the St. Cloud area or in Central Minnesota. Send me that via our app!

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