If you've ever been in the dating pool, you know how difficult and weird it can be to get on dating sites. Match.com, Tinder, date me, I'm scary.com...Well...I did find Randy on Tinder...I think we were the only two people who didn't realize this was a hook up site.

If you're really dead set on finding a date; possibly the love of your life; This coming Sunday is the best day of the summer to find that special someone...or at least a date.  According to Match.com,  Moneyish reported that this Sunday there will be about 20% more signups and messages than on Valentine's Day.

After looking at 20 years of data, Match.com found that the Sunday after the 4th of July has the biggest increase in signups and messages of any day over the entire summer. They also found that the most popular dating activities they'd want to participate in for the summer are: sporting events, wine tasting, salsa dancing...skydiving and whitewater rafting.

Good luck! Let us know if you find love this Sunday. Send your love letters to kelly@minnesotasnewcountry.com.

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