The snow is melting, making way for the sights and sounds that come with spring and summer. One of my favorite summer activities that I make sure I do every year, is spend a day at Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls.

They have just announced that they will be opening for the 2021 season on Thursday, April 15th, with special spring hours through the end of April. They will be open Thursday - Sunday 9:00 - 4:00 pm through April 30, and beginning May 1st, they begin the summer hours of being open daily 9:00 am - 6:00 pm.

The animals at Pine Grove Zoo have been patiently waiting all winter for visitors to return, as they all live there year-round. When you visit you'll get to see tigers, cougars, elk, kangaroos, zebras, wolves, river otters (my personal favorite), black bears, tortoises, and so much more. Plus the zoo is always welcoming in new friends, they just started building a habitat last year for squirrel monkeys.

Pine Grove Zoo is all about conservation and education. They are so much more than a place to walk around and see some animals. They take great pride in being a resource for animal education, letting guests know all about the animals they have in their care, and what it takes from humans to make sure these beautiful creatures have the habitats they need to thrive in the wild.

Start planning your trip to Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls today, and say hi to the otters for me!

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