Good thing most people have a reusable coffee cup, because you're going to need to for awhile if you are buying coffee at Kwik Trip.

Kwik Trip posted on their socials that for a temporary time they will need their coffee customers to bring in their own cup if they would like some of their delicious coffees.  Why?  At first you may think it's because of the shortages that many businesses have been experiencing.  But actually, it appears that the cups that were supposed to go to Kwik Trip stores were taken by another company.

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If that is true... how would they be able to use them?  Or was it a mistake?  Like unintentional?  The cups from Kwik Trip have "Karuba" on them which is a Kwik Trip brand.

Here's the post.

And, because of the fact that you have to bring your own cup temporarily, you can get a refill of any size for only $.99.  That's a perk.  The post also has many suggestions on what your "cup" might be to transport your coffee in from Kwik Trip.  It really is kind of funny, but it's not so funny that their cups were taken.  Really? Stolen coffee cups.

There is some speculation as to who the "thief of cups" is... but they are not naming names.  It may start with a "C".  Some said it was Culver's, Kwik Trip said that Culver's would never do that, and it was a competing gas station.  So, you can make your guesses and assumptions based on that information.

Hopefully they get some cups into their stores again soon.  But until then, enjoy the discounted refills!

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