Kip Moore admits he's pretty good at isolating, but adds he's hungry to get back in front of his fans. Those shows — when they come — will look plenty familiar to those who've seen the "She's Mine" singer live previously.

Talking to Taste of Country Nights in an interview that will air in full later this week, Moore says he has no idea when he'll get the green light, but he hopes the adjustment period will be brief.

"I would like to hope that we’re gonna learn to get back to just enjoying life and not being so afraid of our shadows," he says. "I know this is a serious situation but I just also hope that people are able to not live a life of fear."

"The minute I get the green light to play," the 40-year-old adds, "I’ll be back playing, and I won’t be playing with a mask on. I’ll be doing my thing. I’m not gonna let my life be lived in that way.”

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Moore had been scheduled to open Sam Hunt's Southside Tour this summer, but the headliner has canceled the full tour due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, leaving the "More Girls Like You" hitmaker with just four scheduled shows on his official calendar, the first of those being an Aug. 22 date in Iowa.

Expect him to include new songs from the upcoming Wild World album (May 29) during those shows. Fans are familiar with his radio single "She's Mine" and others he's dropped in advance ("Southpaw," "Red White Blue Jean American Queen"), but the heart of the album is still under wraps. "Payin' Hard," Moore says, is his most personal song ever, and it's one he'll be including when he takes the stage again.

As for when that will be?

"Evan, you know about as much as I do," Moore tells Taste of Country Nights host Evan Paul. "Which is nothing. I know nothing, man."

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