Kenny Rogers has been a country music superstar for decades, enjoying the kind of longevity that most artists would sever a limb for. As an icon and a legend in his genre, he doesn't need to resort to pulling publicity stunts like Miley Cyrus, daughter of fellow country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, in order to grab (and hold on to) people's attention. So don't expect him to.

During a chat with The Bobby Bones Radio Show, the singer said, "I look at Lindsay Lohan out there…what happens is, the big fear in this business is not being recognized…look at Miley Cyrus and what she’s doing now. Is it going to work?"

According to Rogers, who knows the ins and outs of this business, no. It's merely a fleeting strategy.

"It’s going to get her some press," he said. "In L.A., any press is good press. They’re talking about it. Not for me. I don’t need that kind of stuff and I think it’s a sad mistake."

Rogers also offered his assessment of the selfie-obsessed culture of over-sharing that we deal with, thanks to the digital age. He thinks people are too capricious and will live to regret it, saying, "And I think people have to be careful. You have to live with it, more so now than ever before. Anything you do now is going to be around forever. It’s just dangerous."

Young turks should listen to Rogers. He's got a point, coupled with experience!

He also talked about navigating the current country landscape, saying, "There’s only two ways I can compete. I can do what everybody else is doing and do it better. And I don’t like my chances of doing that. Or I can do something nobody else is doing and you don’t invite comparison…So I’ve always kinda been outside the box cause I can’t do the things Keith Urban does or Taylor Swift or those guys, so I just have to do what I do."

Rogers' latest, ‘You Can’t Make Old Friends,' featuring a Dolly Parton duet, releases on Oct. 8.

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