Another house shopping adventure. This little adventure makes staying where I'm at sound a lot more appealing. House shopping is hard. I can't imagine having to share this journey with a significant other. I'm searching for a home based on everything that I want. The number of bedrooms, a man cave for my young men, a fenced in yard for my massive dog; a safe location to live. Being closer to work, and theatrical and music venues.


I've enlisted my mother to check listings first thing every morning to help find THE PLACE that my family could call home.


Yesterday, we had searched and were wanting to look at about 5 different homes in the area. Out of those, 2 were already zapped up before we had a chance to even ask to look.

Out of three, we only had the chance to look at 1.


The good news is...I really liked this one. Nice neighborhood; A fenced in backyard; not too big; not too small.

A small split level that is well maintained. A heated garage! OOH! That's a plus. That means Drew and his music buddies can practice out there instead of in the house; right?

After a couple weeks of waiting for a loan to be approved; I'm still waiting. I'm sure this is a natural process; although it can be exhausting.  I have to wonder; how many single individuals actually get a home loan? I'm not holding my breath, but I figure if I can make rent each month, I should be able to pay for my own home.

We'll see. I'm still searching. I'm also thinking that where I'm at might not be that bad. It's a little bit of a drive each day, but I'm close to my family, which is a huge plus.

I also learned there's a thing called Mortgage Insurance.  What?! Now you don't just pay home insurance, you pay mortgage insurance, which is just as costly as the other. With my health insurance, home insurance, mortgage insurance, car insurance, life insurance; hell; I could probably buy a house straight out if I didn't have all off these insurance assurances...I get it ...but still! I'm pretty sure I pay more for "assurance" than I will for a house payment, which makes it seem like there's nothing left for a house payment.

Adventures shall continue...

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