Are you that person that gets really mad when you're in line at a stop light, but the person in front of you keeps distance between cars? Is it because you're 12 cars back, and you think if everyone were closer together, you might all make it through the light when it turns green?  If you're that person, you can calm the heck down...get off my bumper, and let me breath.

Why? Because studies have just proven that it actually makes NO difference if you're right up next to the car in front of you, or not. Whether your one foot, six feet, or 25 feet between cars, in the study, the SAME number of cars got through the stoplight in any of those scenarios.


The research that was done at Virginia Tech showed that when all the cars were bumper to bumper, it took longer for then to accelerate, because they had to wait for the car in front of them to move first.  (hello).

Plus...Have you ever been so close together, that when the person on their cell phone behind you doesn't stop, and not instead of two cars in a collision, all the little sardines in a row have damage to their vehicles...because?  Yes.  They are too close together. Am I the only person on the planet that thinks it's not worth it? Have you looked at the price of insurance if something bumps you?

Just sayin...You can get out of my personal space and I'll stay out of yours, and we'll all go home with vehicles and sanity in tack. Happy Holidays.



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