If you pay someone to do your nails, you are doing that because you want them to look nice.  You are paying for a service that you either don't want to, or can't do yourself as nicely and professionally as what you would receive at a nail salon, right?  But the biggest thing is that you want the service to be what you are expecting, and what you are paying for.  You wouldn't want the end result to be something that either could harm you, or not look like what you were expecting, right?

Here's the situation.

Woman comes into a nail salon and says she needs her nails redone because the other place she had gone had completely botched her nails.  "They look like a 5 year old did them".  The thing is, when you first have your nails done, if done with a powder, and/or acrylic, you can't get those things off without soaking them off.  You can't, or shouldn't just "drill them off".  That is first, completely unprofessional, and also harmful.  If you just had a gel manicure done and you are unhappy with the results, you can change that our without harming your natural nails.  Not a big deal.  But in this particular situation, the nails in question had been applied with the powder/fake nails.

The owner of the salon, along with several nail techs told the customer that she would need to have them soaked off. She actually wanted them drilled off.  Why would you want that?  She also stated that she "has done them several times before, and it's fine". She went on to say that she has two cosmetology licenses and she knows what she's doing.  Why two?  Anyway, she did finally decide that she would go along with the owner's suggestion to soak off the current nails.

This was taking too long.

So, she pleaded her case again, and said she wanted them drilled off, and a new design created.  Again, the owner said she wouldn't do that because "It is not professional to remove nails that way".  Then "Karen" said she would sit there for awhile more to see if the soaking off method would work, but she isn't going to pay any more for it because it's not a service that she wanted. Great.

There is the old adage that the "Customer is always right". But definitely not when it could be harmful to them.

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Finally, after quite a bit of going back and forth on this, the salon owner said that she would let her go with no payment needed, but they weren't going to go any further with this.  IF she wanted it drilled off, she would need to go somewhere else.

Oh, I should mention that while she was sitting there, and a nail tech was trying to remove the nails with the soak off method, "Karen" tried to get her to come work for her.  She apparently owns a salon, or is opening one soon.  Inappropriate!

If you are wondering why this is "part 2", here is the link to part 1- same salon, by the way.

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