In the picture above, Justin Moore fans see Justin Moore. An incredible country artist that just performed this past weekend at We Fest on Friday night. But...I see much more than that.

As I was sitting in the audience enjoying the performance, I received a text from my son Drew saying, "Mom?!  Is Roger there?"  I was like..."What are you talking about..Roger who?"


I can't believe I forgot!  Roger Coleman, the guitar player pictured on the far left in the picture above, is a friend of our family. I simply forgot that he played for Justin Moore! So then I was in a panic...texting him..sending Roger messages on Facebook saying, "Roger! We are here!"  I haven't seen Roger since leaving Kentucky in 2013.

Roger used to frequent our recording studio in West Liberty Kentucky and was good friends with my ex. He and his band would come record at our studio. Roger has played on many of the albums we cut in our studio, and then when he made the big time, would come out to the farm to get away from all the stress of being on the road. If you've ever wanted to meet a guitar player that's not only talented but the most down to earth gentleman you've ever known, Roger is that guy. Super talented and a wonderful person to boot.

It was exciting to see Roger on stage....but a bummer that we didn't plan ahead to see him while he was in Minnesota. So sorry Roger! If there is another time, we won't miss you!  Great job at We Fest. We hope Justin Moore and his great band will come back again soon.

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