It's the 30th Anniversary of the original Jurassic Park movie.  When I think of 30 years it seems like such a long time.  Thinking that it can't already be 30 years, but it has been.  And this year, for the 30th anniversary, the original movie is being re-released into theatres for a limited time.

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In 2013, the 20th anniversary edition added the 3D element.  The 3D addition to the movie then was very popular and was successful.

The conversion was certainly better than some of the phoned-in blockbuster 3D attempts that were all the rage around that time, and audiences were curious enough that "Jurassic Park" 3D raked in nearly $45.4 million in the United States and nearly $73 million around the rest of the world. 

Some people are saying that it would be great to have had the original, non 3D version released for the 30th anniversary, but that is not what is happening.  They are keeping the 3D version for this release.

Some theatres are only showing the movie for one day.  But, according to Parkwood 18 in Waite Park's website, the movie will be shown twice a day starting today (Thursday) and will run for a week.  You can purchase tickets now for any of those showings.

The movie runs for two hours and 7 minutes, and is rated PG 13.  But if you have kids who love dinosaurs, depending on their age, you may or may not want to bring them to this movie.  The 3D affect could bring a whole new element to the movie that they might not be ready for.  Unless, of course, they have seen the movie before, then the 3D part might be more exciting.

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