Wondering which candies will please the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood? Well, CandyStore.com has compiled a U.S. map showcasing the 'most popular' candies in each state and I'm baffled by the selections for Minnesota.

My children are currently at the prime age for trick-or-treating, aged 9 and 7, and they eat a lot of sweets, I find it hard to believe that they or any of their friends would be satisfied with the candy that Candy Store named Minnesota's favorite. Read about that and the most popular candy in the country below.

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72 million Americans are celebrating Halloween and will spend a record amount this year - The National Retail Federation is expecting $12.2 billion to be spent on the haunted holiday with $3.6 billion of that dedicated to purchasing candy.

Most people are doing their shopping for candy, costumes, and decorations right now.

The majority of Halloween shopping happens in the first two weeks of October.

Don't waste your money on candy that no one wants. Candy Store says Circus Peanuts are the most hated Halloween candy followed by Candy Corn, Necco Wafers, Peanut Butter Kisses, and Wax Coke Bottles.

Boston Globe via Getty Images
Boston Globe via Getty Images

Trick or Treat? Minnesota's Favorite Halloween Candy Revealed

Reece's Peanut Butter Cups are the most popular Halloween candy in the country which isn't surprising because everyone loves them. What is surprising is they didn't make the top 3 here in Minnesota.


Snickers? Twix? Kit Kats? M&Ms? No, No, No, and No.


Chocolate is mysteriously absent from the list of Minnesota's favorite Halloween candies. According to Candy Store, our favorite is Hot Tamales, followed by Tootsie Pops, and Skittles.

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