Did you know that there's a reality TV show in Norway that had tons of Minnesotans compete? The show ended a few years ago but while it was airing there was at least one Minnesotan in each season. And the show sounds kind of interesting!

I had no idea this show existed until I happened upon a post on the Minnesota Reddit page. Kpets shared a video of a past season of this show saying "I know Minnesota has a huge amount of people with Norwegian descent, but did you know about this show[?]"

The show takes 10-12 Americans of Norwegian descent and flies them to Norway for this competition.

Fun in Norway via YouTube
Fun in Norway via YouTube
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It's called 'Alt for Norge' in Norway or 'The Great Norway Adventure' is how it's marketed in the US. It originally debuted in 2010 but sadly there hasn't been another season since season 10 in 2019.

On the show, contestants competed and participated in Norwegian things. The blog Life in Norway says that contestants would try cross-country skiing, attempt to navigate Norwegian forest trails, learn Norwegian, and try brown cheese, fiskeboller, and akevitt, just to name a few of the activities. And whoever wins the show gets connected with their relatives that they've never met in Norway.

Fun in Norway via YouTube
Fun in Norway via YouTube

Like I said, many Minnesotans have competed on the show. According to the Wikipedia page for the show, there are 34 Minnesotans who competed over the show's 10 seasons. Out of those Minnesotan competitors, 4 of them won! I won't say who in case you want to watch the show.

Speaking of watching the show, I did some searching and was coming up short so I checked out a Tumblr post from pensola. They said that they love the show and were hoping for a way to watch in the US. The only solutions they've found are to subscribe to Dplay (which is what Discovery+ goes by in Norway and other countries), or there are some videos on YouTube if you search 'Alt for Norge'.

I went to the Dplay site and can confirm that the show is there! And no, you can't find it on the Discovery+ we have in America, I also checked that. So you'll need a totally different Dplay account to watch the show and not your usual Discovery+ account.

If you're of Norwegian descent, it sounds like it might be a really interesting show to check out!

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