Bowling has been around for generations and is a popular pastime for many. My husband and I just went bowling a few days ago! But did you know, that one of the oldest bowling alleys in the entire country is still in operation here in Minnesota?

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If you're looking for a cool experience with family, friends, or as a date night, this would be a great spot to check out.


Oldest Bowling Alleys in the US

I found a list of the 10 oldest bowling alleys across the country from a site called

Number ten I have to show you a picture of it because it just looks so cool. It's called Highland Park Bowl and it's in Los Angeles. It's been open since 1966.

I could hang out at that place all night!

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The top three oldest bowling alleys in the country are, at number three, Garden Bowl in Detroit, MI which opened in 1913. Number two is Holler House in Milwaukee, WI which opened in 1908.

And number one is Roseland Cottage in Woodstock, CT. It opened in 1846 but is sadly no longer playable. It was built in the home of a wealthy family at the time. Don't worry, the other two are still open! And so is the bowling alley in Minnesota that we'll talk about.

Minnesota's Oldest Bowling Alley

The seventh oldest bowling alley in the country and the number one oldest in Minnesota is Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis.

They're still open for business serving food, drinks, and plenty of bowling. They also have a theater!

It was converted from a Ford dealership to a bowling alley in 1935. On their website, they mention that when they first opened there were no pin-setting machines, so there were people that had to do it.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Today, there are 8 bowling lanes along with the theater and restaurant. Even though they've been around for a long time, Bryant Lake Bowl "maintains its reigning champion status as a humble neighborhood hotspot."

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