When I first heard about this Valentine's Day special I was confused, and it was all because I couldn't figure out what type of cut of beef a 'lava stone steak' was. Apparently, I'm not very good at reading because as I looked closer I figured out what the name was actually referring to. It's a cook-your-own steak in front of you, hibachi-like, Valentine's Day date idea.

When I saw the Dueling Brew's upcoming special on social media, I was caught off guard by the name, but after taking a better look at the pictures I figured out it would be a hibachi-style date night on Feb 14.

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A little glimpse of the lava stone Steak Dinner coming up on Valentine's Day! Details on reserving your stone coming!

The special offers up a 8oz steak, twice-baked potatoes, sauteed asparagus, and a breadstick for $24. Now there's a catch on the deal, you have to make a reservation with Dueling Brew's to receive the interesting Valentine's Day dinner date.

There is even an option for those that don't care for steak, and it appears the restaurant will still be open for walk-ins, just don't expect to get the special steak dinner.

Also, I feel like people still need to be reminded, as they might not go out very often, to be kind to the staff working, it's probably a pretty stressful night for everyone around.

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Dueling Brew's is located in Becker off Highway 10, at 14298 Bank Street.

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