Ya know what sucks? Having to go back to your vehicle because you brought something with that you thought would be allowed inside a concert venue, but isn't. Or worse: you just throw it away to avoid the trek back to the car and then to the back of the line to get in.

When you attend one of the awesome shows at The Ledge Amphitheater in Waite Park, remember that you can't bring your own lawn chair and BBQ grill...among other things.

What You CAN Bring Into The Ledge

  • One factory-sealed (unopened) bottle of water, up to a liter, per person
  • Sunscreen and bug spray (NON-aerosol only)
  • a camera, as long as it isn't a professional camera with detachable lenses
  • draw string bags
  • a bag under 8.5" by 11"
  • poncho/raincoat/trash bag (shows are rain or shine)
  • a seat cushion as long as it's no bigger than 18 inches wide

What You CAN NOT Bring Into The Ledge

  • lawn chairs/outdoor furniture/inflatable furniture
  • bags over 8.5" by 11"
  • tarps/blankets larger than a beach towel (approximately 63" x 31")
  • outside food (vendors are on-site)
  • recording devices, selfie sticks, GoPro cameras, or video cameras
  • glass/metal containers
  • liquor or drugs
  • noisemakers
  • laser pointers (don't be a jerkface)
  • weapons
  • vehicles (unless required by people with disabilites)
  • animals (except service animals)
  • picnic baskets, lunchboxes, or coolers (again, vendors are on-site)
  • radios
  • BBQ grills (VENDORS ON-SITE)
  • umbrellas (ponchos and raincoats are okay)
  • strollers and toys that would create disturbance
  • chain wallets (let the 90s/aughts go, bro)
  • hula hoops, poi, or flow toys
  • aerosol sunscreen or bug sprays
  • professional or detachable-lens cameras
  • full face masks or props

Additional FAQs

-Tailgating is NOT allowed in the parking lots.
-if you drink, DON'T DRIVE, but be sure to have your vehicle removed by noon the next day
-no re-entry is allowed once you're inside the venue

Don't forget to have a great time and be safe! Find more info at The Ledge's website.

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