Your eyes do not deceive you. If you watch this video and believe you're seeing a wolf in southern Missouri, you're correct. But, there's something else you should know, too.

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Wolf Hybrid Dog Trainer on YouTube caused a fun stir when he dropped this video which simply said "Black Timberwolf engagement in southern Missouri". He's partially right, but he's not lying either.

That's a beautiful animal for sure, but is it really a wolf? If you look at the channel description for Wolf Hybrid Dog Trainer, you'll see what's going on here. I've bolded the key part.

Videos showing what it’s like to live with and raise Wolf Dog Hybrids. How to train them properly. The major difference between them & domesticated dogs. The risks & what you can do to mitigate them. What to expect in comparison between my wolf hybrid & my German Shepherd.

A wolf/dog hybrid is a unique creature. The International Wolf Center mentions these are controversial animals. As they mention wolves naturally were created to survive without human assistance which means sometimes being a predator. Looking at the wolf/dog hybrid in southern Missouri, he doesn't look like he'd hurt a flea. Some believe that the wolf behavior varies wildly between pups which makes having them as pets unpredictable and some believe dangerous.

There are some federal, state and local laws that determine if wolf/dog hybrids are legal in different areas. My research seems to show this southern Missouri wolf/dog hybrid is legal, but I'm also not a lawyer. What I do know is they are beautiful and fascinating animals. Not sure I want to encounter one in a Missouri stream though like the one featured in the video.

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