"Just say when."

Olive Garden fans are discovering they can recreate one of their favorite parts of the restaurant chain in their own homes.

The cheese grater that Olive Garden servers bring to the table to shower your pasta and salad with cheesy goodness can now be purchased to take home with your meal.

People Losing It Over Olive Garden's Cheese Grater

If you have never been to Olive Garden, you likely have never experienced the pure joy you have watching mounds of cheese pile on top of your food.

A server comes to your table grater that shreds the cheese using a crank mounted on its side. Diners are told to let the server know when to stop.

It's as pivotal to the Olive Garden experience as unlimited breadsticks and those little chocolate mints they give you with your check.

TikTok user @erinbeingerin recently shared a video of the moment when she received confirmation that should would be the new owner of a cheese grater.

"I saw on TikTok that you can buy those cheese graters," she says to the server while barely being able sit still from excitement. "Can you buy those cheese graters?"

The server confirms that it is possible as Erin lets out a joyous yell.

"Sorry everybody," she says apologizing to the other tables inside the Olive Garden.

How To Get An Olive Garden Cheese Grater

It might not be listed on the menu, but you can apparently ask to get a cheese grater at any Olive Garden location.

Those that have secured their own grater to take home have also shared the restaurant even provided cheese for their first sessions as an at-home Olive Garden cosplay.

"I was 95.7% sure this was not going to work," TikTok user jordan_the_stallion8 said before revealing his new grater in a video that has been viewed more than 14.9 million times.

Today.com reached out to Olive Garden who confirmed the cheese grater is available to purchase in some restaurants.

"When asked if customers can purchase other things, like glassware and paintings, the spokesperson did not confirm individual items for sale, but said select items are available to purchase in-restaurant depending on availability," the website said.

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