Walker Hayes had no idea people knew about this, but he certainly doesn't deny it.

The "Fancy Like Christmas" singer was asked about the No. 1 item on his bucket list and revealed that not only is he serious, it nearly happened earlier this month!

Sure, he'd get arrested, and that arrest would compromise his professional career — or maybe help him, who knows in 2023? — but it's a risk that Hayes and his wife are willing to take.

Watch (above at about 2:40) as he explains as part of Walker Hayes Wikipedia Trivia. One hundred dollars is on the line for his favorite charity, Hope International, if he can get all five questions correct.

Wikipedia Trivia asks artists about things found on Wikipedia. For example, question No. 1 is about the importance of June 12 in Hayes' life. Question No. 2 asked him to finish the lyric to a song that nearly got him canceled.

They get more difficult every time, but don't worry — if Hayes was to miss a question, then the money would roll over to the next artist. We thought the last question about famous alumni at his high school would trip him up, but it was No. 4 that made him think long and hard. Taste of Country Nights host Evan Paul played game show host:

"In 2022, you admitted this was the No. 1 thing on his bucket list," Paul is heard asking. Shoutout to US Weekly for the info.

"Oh shoot. I've always wanted to streak a field," the singer says.

Yep, Hayes wants to go end zone to end zone — naked — while a football game is being played. On Dec. 3, he says he and wife Lainey had pretty good seats for the SEC Championship Game.

"She was like, 'Is today the day?'" he recalls. "I was like, 'I don't know, man. You're kind of getting me excited.'"

The reason he wants to do this is fascinating and does as much to describe who Hayes is as any interview he's done to date. All five questions reveal parts of his personality that even his most diehard fans didn't know.

Wait until you hear why he quit dental school (No. 3)!

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