If you're a fan of Walker Hayes, you're likely also a fan of his big, tight-knit family.

From viral dad-daughter dances, to the trick shot videos they make together, to Hayes' intimate, family-focused song lyrics, the singer consistently finds ways to incorporate his wife Laney and their six children into his public persona.

With the whole family currently out on Hayes' Duck Buck Tour, the Hayes crew celebrated his daughter Loxley's 10th birthday on the bus on Sunday (Aug. 6) — but they still made the big day special, sneaking up on her bunk together before ambushing the young girl and screaming, "Happy Birthday!"

"We love you. 10 years old! Double digits!" Hayes says from behind the camera, as Loxley — affectionately known as Lolly — admitted the surprise caught her off guard.

"That scared me," she says with a big smile.

"If you've been to one of my shows lately you know she steals it! Happy birthday Lolly," Hayes writes in the caption of his video, which he posted to Instagram.

Lolly frequently joins Hayes onstage to perform their duet, "If Father Time Had a Daughter," a song he wrote for all three of his daughters about how fast little girls grow up.

She's also the inspiration behind another song that Hayes played for fans in a social media clip last month. That song is actually based on real events from when he took her to see a show on Taylor Swift's Eras Tour for what he jokes was a "way-too-expensive birthday gift." It was a late night for the little girl, who drifted off to sleep in her dad's arms right in the middle of Swift's set.

Lolly's not the only Hayes kid to collaborate with their country star dad: The singer's oldest child, Lela, is his OG dance partner: She helped choreograph the viral "Fancy Like" TikTok dance that took his country music career to a whole new level of superstardom back in 2021.

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