Tim McGraw is a proud dog dad. His revealed on social media this week that his dog Lepshi, which he co-owns, has been busy at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Lepshi is a 6-year-old Bracco Italiano, and he won "best of breed" in the first year the breed has been showcased at the prestigious show.

McGraw shared photos of Lepshi with his winning ribbon to share the news.

"So proud of Lepshi!! He’s always been a winner in our eyes," he wrote. "Lepshi won best of breed today for the Bracco Italiano, the first year for the breed at Westminster."

Although Lepshi was eliminated in the semi-finals, he's still going home a winner. Ryan Wolfe, Lepshi's handler, said the dog is a "wonderful ambassador for the breed," according to Associated Press. The dog also reportedly aced "the breed’s trademark ground-covering trot," and, as an added bonus, he "loves everybody."

Bracco Italianos are hunting and working dogs that were registered by the Italian Kennel Club in 1882. The breed requires a large amount of exercise. Siva Aiken, who owns the dog that won the breed's best female prize on Tuesday, warns, "It’s not a breed for everyone."

McGraw has owned at least two other Bracco Italiano dogs. In 2020 he showcased two of them — Caesar and Stromboli — in videos on his Instagram account. In one clip, the two dogs happily play a game of tug-of-war in the woods. In another, Stromboli and McGraw's daughter Maggie humorously howl together in the kitchen.

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