When it comes to romantic getaways, Minnesota and Wisconsin destinations don't seem to show up high on the list of locations Americans consider visiting. That's kind of a shame, frankly! How can you beat a stroll down Main Street through a quaint small Upper Midwestern town, breathtaking natural scenery, or a quiet campfire while watching the sunset on a Northwoods lake?

While many around the country seem to find a beach getaway or trip to the mountains at the top of their list for romantic getaways, there is an undeniable charm to the "lesser-considered" places that still provide a romantic setting.

That's the premise of a survey conducted by a honeymoon advice & planning website called Honeymoon Always, which asked 3,000 Americans to name their favorite "alternative" romantic destinations they'd like to visit in 2023, but they still hold up now. Their survey results named a total of 175 destinations across the country, with four of them in Minnesota and two of them in Wisconsin.

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I do feel like the respondents missed a couple of incredible gems, but overall, they did a pretty good job identifying some cities and towns that offer an overall vibe that is fitting to a romantic getaway.

None of the top 10 locations on the list from Honeymoon Always were in Minnesota or Wisconsin, with the top Minnesota destination ranking #56 and the top Wisconsin locale coming in at #63.

In case you're curious, most of the top 5 destinations feel like they aren't so "alternative' to me, but here they are:

  1. St. Augustine, Florida
  2. Paia, Hawaii
  3. Hilo, Hawaii
  4. Asheville, North Carolina
  5. Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

Alright, here are the top Minnesota and Wisconsin destinations, with a couple mixed in that I feel like should be included:

Best "Alternative" Destinations For A Romantic Getaway In Minnesota & Wisconsin

Compiled from a survey conducted by the website HoneymoonAlways, these are what Americans say are the best choices for a romantic getaway in the not-so-traditional romantic destination states of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Also added into the mix are a couple of hidden gems that should have also appeared on the list.

Gallery Credit: Nick Cooper

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