That's a wrap on the 2023 Minnesota State Fair! The event was as big and fun as ever, with new additions to the food and beverage lineup and in true Minnesota fashion, a major heat wave over Labor Day weekend. (At one point, people were even calling it the Great Minnesota Sweat Together. Ha!)

How many people went to opening weekend at the Minnesota State Fair?

That didn't stop people from coming out in the tens of thousands. On the first day of the fair, about 106,000 people kicked off the big event. While this was lower than years past, opening day fell at the tail end of a major heat wave, so it is likely people were just waiting until things cooled off the next day.

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On the first Friday of the fair, attendance numbers bounced back. With cooler weather came an all-time attendance record for that particular day with about 165,000 people attending. The next day, that number was about 213,000 people. That is a lot of foods on a stick.

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How many people attended the Minnesota State Fair in total?

Needless to say, the weather didn't really impact attendance at the Minnesota State Fair. Despite a second heat wave hitting the state over Labor Day weekend, attendance was still going strong.

So how many people attended the Minnesota State Fair? They shared that number Tuesday (September 5th) and it is pretty massive! All in all, 1,835,826 people attended the fair! Yup, over one million people. This number is a few thousand short of last year and no where close to the all-time record, which happened in 2019. It is still a ton of people, though!

There you have it! I am already counting down until the fair next year since I wasn't able to make it this year. One tradition I will not be taking part in, however, is one that takes place on the Sky Glider ride. People tossed underwear onto the passing buildings below, along with a few other things. I really don't want to know who thought of that or why.

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Until next year.

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