March 2nd, 2021 was the 9th Anniversary of the F3 Tornado that took out my hometown of West Liberty Kentucky. My house was located about 1-2 miles away from all the damage, and my sons and I watched as the tornado went from left to right in a straight line past our house. We had no idea what was happening just a couple miles away from our home, but we would soon learn that everything in it's path was destroyed.

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The tornado made a direct hit on West Liberty's downtown area a little bit before 6 pm. I just kept thinking how lucky we were that all the kids were off the school buses before all of this happened or it could have been so much worse.

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Our 105 year old courthouse was destroyed. 100 year old churches and a depression area WPA building that was now our community center...all gone. 6 people died in Morgan County, and four more from surrounding counties. I worked at a radio station there that was also damaged, as well as my boss Dr. Smith's Chiropractic clinic. Dr. Smith didn't pass away until a few days later, but he was right in the center of all of it happening, and it's my understanding that it could have contributed to his death.

The tornado just wouldn't stop. It stayed on the ground for I believe almost 90 miles.

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Ironically, items like cancelled checks, envelopes, and pictures were found around property in the community of Tornado, around Charleston, West Virginia. Can you believe that! Tornado, West Virginia! Go figure!

Had that tornado been a mile off, my house would have been destroyed as well. For us; we watched it from our front porch, frozen. I would say it was terror; but it was more like...what's happening? We couldn't move. I thought, should I have everyone go to the basement?  We were in shock. As we realized the storm was moving from left to right, we just stood there, listening to the storm, watching it...and wondering what just happened.


I remember a police officer showed up at my house in the middle of the night and knocked on the door, and asked if I was Kelly. They just wanted to make sure my children and I were alive.

It was in summer of 2013 that my children and I decided it was time to move back to Minnesota, after some urging from my Mother. It was a difficult time for us; The tornado destroying our community was a part of that.

I've visited West Liberty a few times since then. It still doesn't look the same. I guess it never will, but every time I go back, there seems to be more and more fixed. We still have family there, and friends that are missed. Once you go through something like that, you never forget.


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