OK hear me out on this one. Breweries have beer flights, where they take smaller glasses (usually 4-6 glasses) fill them up with a taste/sample of beer, and put them on a serving device. It's a great way for someone unfamiliar with that brewery's beer to try a few different flavors. So why can't we do that with soup this time of year?

Seriously, think about it, four smaller bowls filled with different soups, offered up just like a beer flight for someone to try different soups this time of year. Or better yet, it could be something you share!

I saw this idea on a Facebook page, Alexandria, MN Dining, and to me this sounds like a new no-brainer for local restaurants to try out.

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The most difficult decision for a business that attempts this would be the size of the bowls. Too much and no one will get through all 4 samplers, whereas if they are too small people will complain.

Once you figure out the size, 8oz? the next challenge would be what are you going to serve them on? Are you crafting a custom stick like they use at the State Fair for the Summitt on a Stick?

After all that gets worked out, a restaurant would then just have to have enough soup varieties to offer up. I'd think that most places serving up soup flights would want a French Onion, Chili, Chicken Noodle, and Tomato Soup.

What do you think? Should soup flights be a thing here?

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