Every week we get to chat with Kate from the Tri County Humane Society about one of their adoptable pets.  We have had so many different animals that we have focused on.  Anything from rabbits, to gerbils, to mice, to guinea pigs... we even had a turtle once that needed a good home; and they ALL have found the right place!

Usually, the pets of the week are cats or dogs.  This week our featured adoptable pet of the week is a dog named Tucker.


A little about this cute guy.... he would do much better with other dogs or kids, but cats might not be the best companion for this dude.  He just chases them around.  He is about 44 pounds, so a solid medium sized dog.  He has been neutered, and is just over 3 years old.  He has been a little nervous about the shelter setting, but after a bit he warms up to his dog walkers.

Any time you are thinking about adopting a pet, slow introductions are always a good idea.

Tri County Humane society has nicknamed this guy "wiggle butt" because he does just that!  When he wags his tail his whole body moves. So cute!

If you live an active lifestyle, Tucker would definitely benefit from that.  Great dog to go running or walking with.  If you are interested, give the Tri County Humane Society a call!

Donations and adoption fees help cover the cost of spay/neuter surgeries, micro-chipping, vaccinating, de-worming, any medical procedures and general care ~~DEPOSITS MAY BE PLACED ON ADOPTABLE ANIMALS by calling 320-252-0896

Give Wiggle Butt (Tucker) a home!

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