It's easy to celebrate National Cheese Day.  Eat cheese. Put it on your salad. Put in on some bread, or simply eat a slice of your favorite all by itself.  What are our favorite types of cheese?

  • CHEDDAR...Cheddar cheese tops the list with 17%.
  • MOZZARELLA ANYONE?   We say yes. Give us more Mozzi! 15% choose Mozzarella as their favorite.
  • AMERICAN...14%..Is American really cheese? Hey...I'm not saying I DON'T like it...but is it cheese?
  • PEPPERJACK.11%....My kids favorite.
  • PROVOLONE...8%...My kids OTHER favorite.



  • BLUE CHEESE..25% don't like it...No way...but have they tried it?
  • LIMBURGER...I have to admit...I'm not sure what this is..but if it's the cheese that taste like rotten's my least favorite.
    I'm as shocked as you are. Goat cheese came in on the least favorit list. I thought Goat cheese made us educated?
  • AMERICAN...Yep. Just as many people love American as hate American.
  • SWISS... Really...I'm shocked. I think Swiss used to be "The cheese of choice". All the restaurants boast Roast beef n Swiss...Ham n Swiss...They sound so much better with the name Swiss in them.


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