When it gets hot and humid in Minnesota we all would like some relief in the AC at times.  Some people don't mind the humidity and kind of "live for it". Others will do anything to keep cool in the Summertime.  Including either cutting their hair very short or if you have long hair, wearing it up and off your neck can give you some relief from the heat.

So, naturally, people think that a dog reacts the same way.  Shave your dogs hair short in the summer because of the heat and they will be much more comfortable.  That makes sinse, right? Wrong.

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While this short hair practice will give people some relief from the heat, this is not necessarily the same for your furry friend.

According to an article on this subject from the Willowbrook Veterinary Clnic, this practice might actually be detrimental to your pet.

Their coats actually provide a built-in heating and cooling system. During the winter, your dog or cat’s fur offers warmth when it lays flat against the body. When temperatures soar, the individual hairs in your pet’s coat stand upright, maximizing air flow.

Did you realize that your dog can actually get sunburned?  This is something that I never really considered.  If you take away that protective layer of fur, and your pet is outside a lot, or if they go out for walks and such, this is a real possibility.  If youi dog is shaved, or has a very short haircut and they are outside for any significant time, consider using sunscreen.  It sounds strange, but if you think about it, it's skin and it can get sunburned.

Another thing to consider, is that their fur protects them from other things too.

Fur also keeps all sorts of unpleasant things from coming in contact with your pet’s skin, such as allergens, insects and lawn care products. Without the protection that hair provides, your pet may be more likely to develop painful rashes or bites after spending a little time in the yard.

What's the best thing to do?  Make sure to groom them and brush them daily for the best way to keep them cool.  Daily brushing will help keep air flowing and will help to keep them cool.

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