Technically, I do reside in North Dakota but spend the majority of my time here in good 'ol Minnesota. Where my home is, in Fargo, we have managed to escape the brutal weather that has pummeled the rest of the state.

As we all know Minnesota's Spring, so far, has left a lot to be desired. We might get a nice day, relatively speaking, but it has not been a typical Spring weather wise. But you know, it could always be worse. We are at least not taking a beating like Mother Nature has thrown down on a large portion of our neighbor, North Dakota.

The blizzard out in western and central North Dakota, a couple of weeks ago, just hovered for days and dropped record amounts of snow. Some areas got up to 3 feet of snow along with strong winds. At one point both interstate highways were shut down. Interstate 94 from Valley City to Montana and Interstate 29 from the South Dakota to the Canadian border.

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According to KFGO this past weekend, Mother Nature decided to put another smack down on that part of North Dakota. This time with snow, freezing rain and winds gusting to 60 MPH.

Freezing rain and high winds tend to be a knockout punch for power lines in the prairie.  Tree limbs and power lines fell victim to the accumulating ice and high winds, toppling both. About 14,000 utility customers lost power in North Dakota and another 1500 in South Dakota yesterday (Sunday). Oh, and another foot of snow to add to the rest.

Hopefully Spring will eventually show up for good and we can look forward to a nice summer (fingers crossed). But as we all know, weather in this part of the country is a crap shoot, at best.

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