I'm not sure how I keep finding these truly perplexing food combinations, but I seem to be a magnet for them. I recently spotted a post on social media that offered up a mixture of baked beans and chips. The baked beans were in a bowl and the person was dipping a chip in the baked beans and eating them, like chips and salsa. This can't be a thing, right?

The comments below the post were somewhat amusing, wondering what the combination would be like with a regular potato chip, or if the beans were blended like a regular bean dip.

Kelly and I talked about this very thing this morning, and she said that she might be interested in this idea if the beans were blended together in a sort of refried bean-style dip. I however would be open to trying this combination as it was, whole beans, most likely room temp, poured from the can into a bowl to be scooped up by a chip. I'd go with a Tostito's style chip, rather than a regular potato chip, namely for more of a salty taste to counteract the sweetness of a baked bean.

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Doing some online research I found that there are baked bean-style popsicles that are considered a delicacy in Eastern Asian countries like South Korea, I don't know if I could go that far with baked beans, but I would be interested enough to give the baked bean and chip combination a try.

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