I'm not sure if it is because of the long, hot, dry summer we had here in Central Minnesota or what, but it seems like the entire back of our house if covered in Asian Beetles! Ish, and those suckers bite, and stink when you squish 'em. So if you are dealing with all of the beetles, like me, I found some tips to get rid of them.

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The truly frustrating part about these beetles, to me, is that they feed on aphids that can damage our crops, so it's nice to have them around, but this is the time of year when they are trying to come inside our homes, uninvited.

Image Credit: marco biondi via unsplash
Image Credit: marco biondi via unsplash

I found these tips from the pest company Orkin, and they of course recommend having someone come out and ID the bugs before you start removing them, but I think we are all pretty aware of what the Asian Beetles look like.

Orkin's tips for getting rid of these bugs, that made it inside your home are:

  • Use a HEPA filter vacuum. Be sure to empty the vacuum bag after using it.

  • Use a broom, sweep the insects into a dustpan or other container, and put them outdoors.

  • Use insect light traps in locations that stay relatively dark and attractive to ladybug beetles such as attics.

This is also the time of year you start to see those photos of the roof of a dog's mouth, covered in these beetles. The good news is that they won't be fatal to your dog, but it is something you should be on the lookout for this time of year.

According to The Scoop Feed and Supply: "Japanese Beetles release body fluids called hemolymph, containing stinky and poisonous chemicals.  Hemolymph is corrosive and can cause chemical burns to the mouth and/or gastrointestinal tract.  If chemical burns are not treated properly, an infection could develop and potentially become serious."

So make sure to take care of these pests if they are getting inside your home, as you don't want them around inside, and be mindful to check the roof of your dog's mouth occasionally this time of year to make sure they aren't an issue for your four-legged friend.

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