This morning during Trivia for the Tired and Brain Dead, Wolf told me that EVERYONE knows the Roger Rabbit. Really!?

Well, I don't and neither did our trivia winner. I guess it's a dance move.

So, I made Wolf get out of his chair and show me...ummmmm, I still don't think I know what the Roger Rabbit is.

So, I looked it up on wikipedia and they say:

The Roger Rabbit became a popular dance move in the early 1990s. It was named after the floppy movements of the Roger Rabbit cartoon character. In movement, the Roger Rabbit dance is similar to the Running Man, but done by skipping backwards with arms performing a flapping gesture as if hooking one's thumbs on suspenders.

And a video on youtube proves that Wolf doesn't know what the Roger Rabbit is either. Still, good fun. Maybe we ought to have Wolf's Weekly Dance Move! Who's with me?

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