I was really hoping to make it home for lunch. However, with a fussy toddler hungry after a long day at the Sherburne County Fair and still 40 minutes of driving ahead of us, I decided to order us some McDonalds for pickup in Big Lake.

We pulled into the lot and I started searching for the parking spots for picking up an order but couldn't immediately figure out which ones they were. After a quick lap around the lot I saw that someone had parked their car and trailer lengthwise, blocking both of the designated spots.

I thought that they must be stopping quick to grab their food that they ordered from the mobile app and that they would be gone soon but nope, they were there with a big group and were sitting inside the restaurant eating.

The proper way to park in a situation like this would be to take up two spots front-to-back, especially in a lot as empty as this McD's was at the time.

I ended up parking the car and going inside to grab my food since I couldn't enter my parking space number on the app when we pulled up. It wasn't really that big of a deal but I cannot imagine being so selfish that I would just park like that. Just me?

What was the most obnoxious parking spot that you've seen? Post it in the comments on Facebook!

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