The dishwasher.  It's something (if you grew up with one in the house) that can be a debate as to how to load the thing.

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My husband tends to overlap bowls and I always move them thinking 'how do they get clean?' There is also the debate on how to load the silverware.  I personally always put the eating or cutting part down.  Just making sure that there is enough room for everything to get clean. If you put the eating or cutting part up, how are you going to put them away?  You'd have to touch the part that you eat off of.  Gross!  Only touch the handle.  At least in my opinion.

Also- don't put wooden utensils and dishes into the dishwasher.  Those are supposed to be washed by hand.  Otherwise they will dry out and split, maybe.  Do you need to pre-rinse?  Well, that answer is not just an easy yes or no.  You should clean the extra food off, but scrape and throw away the extra food, don't rinse because you waste water at that point, but keep in mind that the dishwasher is just that, a washer, not a garbage disposal.

This lady "Babs" shows you her method of loading the dishwasher.  And there is one part of it that I had no idea.  You can move the upper rack???  Who knew??  Wow.  You learn something everyday, right?  I just learned that, and now I need to go and check my own dishwasher and see if that actually works.

Check out her TikTok here.  Thanks Babs!


@brunchwithbabs 🍽  Did your Mom ever teach you the Do’s and Don’ts for loading the dishwasher?  In our family, when it comes to chores, how to load the dishwasher is one of the hottest topics.  Let’s face it, everyone has their own system that they think is the only way to load the dishwasher.  Well, Babs’ is here to teach you the proper way to load your dishwasher so that each and every dish comes out sparkling clean.  🍽 Xo Babs #dishwasher#howtoloadadishwasher♬ original sound - everyone’s grandmother

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