I was cleaning house this weekend- and not just cleaning; I was like SUPER cleaning. Litter boxes, floors, dishes, closets, and laundry. As I was doing laundry, the realization of my sock system hit me, and I started to wonder...Does anyone else do this?

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I have three adult boys in my house. Although I have a few cute little pink and purple socks, I don't have many.  All of us wear the same style of socks, so separating socks is completely impossible, unless everyone does their own laundry, and that rarely happens.


So I have a system. I have two small laundry baskets. White socks go in one basket and black socks go in the other.  I'll fold towels, hang up shirts, pants, sheets, and pillowcases, but I refuse to spend my life matching socks.  Since they are all pretty much the same, I throw the white socks in one basket, and black socks in the other. I will fold some for myself and put them away in my room, but I figure my boys are old enough to get their own socks, and if they want them folded and in their room, they can take a few minutes and visit the laundry room and get some for themselves.

This leads to a two-part question. The first one is; This is a good plan, right? The second question is; we obviously share socks. How do people feel about that one? We all have the same size socks, we all like black socks for the most part, and try to keep buying the same style and brand, so they all match.

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