Normally hitting a jackpot is big news for a city and then it doesn't happen again for a very long time, right?  Well, not so for Little Falls.  All of us that don't live in Little Falls may need a little of that good luck to rub off on us.

There were recently TWO jackpots in as many days in Little Falls.  A Casey's General Store in Little Falls sold a winning North Five Lottery ticket that paid $36, 607 on October 12th.  Then on October 13th a Holiday Station Store in Little Falls sold a Super Joker Slingo scratch-off winning ticket worth $30,000.

Powerball Jackpot Reaches Second-Highest Amount In History
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My first thought is if we want to win we need to move to Little Falls.  Or maybe just take a drive and buy some tickets and scratch-off's.  But a quick google search gave some interesting facts about buying lottery tickets at places that have previously sold winning tickets.  Apparently that may not work for you:

Many people try to buy their tickets at a store where large jackpots have been won before. But that will do you no good. USC math professor Ken Alexander says past success means nothing. The odds any given store will produce a winner are only related to how many tickets it sells

Photo by Unsplash
Photo by Unsplash
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So what's the best strategy for buying winning lottery tickets?  Well according to an interview in USA Today,  Nicholas Kapoor who is a professor at Fairfield University in Connecticut said:

The only way to really increase the odds of winning any lottery is to buy more tickets. The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win.

Well since our spendable income isn't endless, we'll all probably just have to keep buying them when we can and keep hoping.  Fingers crossed!

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