There's a growing group of Masked Singer viewers who think Carrie Underwood is the lion who gave an impressive performance the show's premiere episode last week. The Fox reality show features celebrities masked in elaborate outfits singing popular songs.

Do you think it's possible? The lion, peacock and unicorn won the show's first week. The monster and deer straggled behind, but remain in the competition. The hippo lost and was outed as NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown.

It's not likely fans will find out if Underwood is the lion soon, because the lion is not scheduled to perform during the second episode on Jan. 9. Instead, six new masked singers will perform.


Country Living recaps one Twitter user's theory. Un Poco Loco points out similarities between the clues and Underwood's past, including the use of the same designer, that the singer wore a similarly gold outfit at the American Country Countdown Awards many years ago (and how a hint showing her taking a coffee break is a subtle reference to her song "Smoke Break"). Taken separately, they don't amount to much — but together there's a lot of smoke for speculation. However, he also refers to an Aug. 2 panel, and on that night, Underwood was at WE Fest in Detroit Lakes, Minn. It's not clear when the first episode of The Masked Singer was taped.

Does the lion sound like the "Love Wins" singer? It's debatable. With some effects and intentional changes in inflection it's possible, but not likely. The lion's voice is more soulful, and this performer doesn't do many of the things Underwood does when she's hitting high notes, like offer a side profile with her microphone arm at a 45-degree angle, with the mic set about a foot from her mouth.

Underwood has remained quiet on the issue on social media, instead posting photos of her belly as she prepares to give birth to her second child.

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