The Assistant Director of the movie, "Rust," starring Alec Baldwin, who recently shot and killed Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins during a rehearsal, lived and worked in the state of Minnesota for many years.

His name is Dave Halls. Dave is the man who handed the prop gun to Alec Baldwin and shouted the words, "Cold Gun," which means that the weapon has no live rounds.

Dave Halls was on the board of directors for a nonprofit organization called "Minnesota Film and Television."

Dave Halls worked on many films, including the Minnesota-based film, "Fargo."


According to an article on CBS Minnesota, this is not the first time that Dave Halls has had incidents on filming sets.

RocketSoulStudios says that Dave Halls was fired from working on the set of a movie in 2019 called "Freedom's Path." A Producer from that film released a statement, saying that Dave Halls was fired after a crew member was injured when a gun was discharged unexpectedly. Dave was removed from the set, a complaint was filed, and filming continued once Dave Halls was no longer there.

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While everyone is wanting to find the person solely responsible for these horrible accidents, rarely can you blame just one person. If Alec Baldwin fired the gun, is he responsible?   If Dave Halls handed him the gun and yelled "Cold Gun," that would give Alec the reassurance that someone has made sure this prop is okay to use, otherwise there would be no reason to shout those words.


Is Dave Hall responsible? Or is Hannah Gutierrez, the person who was in charge of props responsible for the incident? Was there another person responsible for checking the props, before reporting they were okay to use, giving Hannah Gutierrez and the Assistant Director Dave Halls, the okay to move forward in using those props?

We all know that a number of camera operators had walked off the set due to bad working conditions before this happened because they felt that it was unsafe. I wonder if someone who was upset with the circumstances decided to help prove the point, not realizing that their actions could actually kill someone?


At the time of this story being written, no criminal charges have been filed, but the more we hear about it, the more complicated it becomes.

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