Are you an iPhone User? I am. I'm not here to debate whether or not iPhone is better than Android...I'm here to tell you...If you owned an iPhone 6 or 7 a few years might have some money coming to you, and here's why.

Do you remember having issues with your iPhone slowing down over time? You probably felt like it was just your phone habits, or that your phone was just getting old and it was time to upgrade.  I think that Apple wanted you to think that too. Unfortunately, they were called out on it, and now they have to pay, and you might get a little piece of the iPhone pie.

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According to Lifehacker, Apple claims they slowed phones down to improve battery life, not just to push you into upgrading. They settled the class action lawsuit for $500 million dollars, which is about $25 for every iPhone they "throttled."

So if you had one of these iPhone products before December of 2017, you may have some money come to you.

  • iPhone 6
  • 6 Plus
  • 6S Plus
  • SE
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus

If you had any of those phones you should go to and claim your money.  You will need the serial number of the phones you purchased, but should get a payout for each and every iPhone you purchased.

If you had a family plan, you maybe in the money! I know that I had a variety of these iPhones and my kids complained of them slowing down. Now I just have to figure out which phones I had! Good luck.


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