It often feels like we're surrounded only by bad behavior.  That's what gets reported the most on the news and it tends to be a part of the stories people tell each other through the day, right?  It's human nature to complain about the bad things happening around us.

That's why I love when you hear stories like this one.  A young boy doing the right thing.  Caring and spreading positivity.  Even as his friends are basically doing the opposite.

Photo by: YouTube via WCCO-CBS Minneapolis
Photo by: YouTube via WCCO-CBS Minneapolis

Here's what happened, a boy in Brainerd was walking home from the store with his friends.  His friends were playing that old game of ding, dong, ditch.  You remember this game, bored kids looking for some fun go ring a doorbell and then quickly run away.  Usually hiding nearby to laugh when someone comes to the door to find no one there.

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But 13 year old Jacksen Proell of Brainerd decided to turn it around.  In a video from WCCO - Minneapolis, it shows Jacksen going up to a ring doorbell and telling the person that "You're a good person.  No matter what people say, you matter."


The wild thing is that the door he happened to go to was that of a woman who is a mental health guide at a college. His message of kindness made her feel like she should do the same.  That's when she shared it on socials and it didn't take long for it to go viral and for millions to see it.

Thanks Jacksen, for spreading positivity and basically being an all-around good person. Let's all go out and show our inner Jacksen today!

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