Earlier today I was reading that Dustin Lynch has the Grease soundtrack on his iPod. Now I don't think having that is embarrassing but it got me thinking about some of the weird music I have.

Back in the day, my sister was obsessed with Justin Bieber.  She was in love and taking her and my cousin to a Bieber concert is something I'll never forget unfortunately.  It was fun minus the concert.  Seriously, I've never heard so many screaming girls in my life.

Anyhow, she used my iTunes credentials for some reason and downloaded Justin's Never Say Never.  I thought I had gotten rid of it but every time I get a new device and sync it with iTunes, it seems to pop up.  I want to stress this is definitely not a song I listen to.  Yeah, I know, I wouldn't believe me either.

I admit I have some Chuck Berry that's part of my music library but other than that I wouldn't say anything I have is truly mortifying, except for Justin.

Now it's time for you to spill the beans -- what is the most embarrassing music that you own?  It can be a CD, cassette or on your iPod but I know you have something that will make me shake my head.


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