After a weekend in the 70s, and today's forecast high expected to hit 80, more motorcycles are on the roads right now than we've seen in months. Please remind yourself to take an extra look while driving, as much smaller bikes can be more difficult to see than other cars & trucks.

I came across a car vs. motorcycle accident on Highway 10 in Anoka yesterday while returning from Easter dinner. Unbelievably, it appeared that everyone involved walked away.

Please look out for me and other bikers, as I will for you on my bike and in my car. Minnesotans need to have each other's backs.

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I can't tell you how often I hear someone commenting that bikers ride dangerously, and that if they want to stay safe, they should start taking responsibility for their own live and actions.

While we've all seen some knuckle head weaving in and out of traffic like an idiot, the majority of bikers fully understand how vulnerable we are on the roadways, and treat safe riding with the focus and attention it deserves. Lives are on the line.

I'll also add that whether or not someone is riding like an idiot (and no doubt there are some that do), who's fault the accident it was will bring you little solace if you're involved in a fatal wreck.

From Remember that there is no such thing as a fender-bender for a motorcycle rider. They are completely exposed. Most multi-vehicle accidents involving motorcycles cause serious or fatal injuries to the riders. Thanks for being safe!

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