OK, it's time to share, show-off, and let everyone see what you've got -- because size matters! So share your snowbank photos today. (And it sounds like more's on the way later this week.)

Here's what it looks like at the employee entrance at Townsquare Media, the home of 98.1 Minnesota's New Country, on Lincoln Avenue on St. Cloud's east side.

P. Hanson/TSM

And my house near Lake George on St. Cloud's south side.

P. Hanson/TSM

And it will be a miracle is Kelly ever gets her mail delivered again.

K. Cordes/TSM
Tracee/Near Sibley State Park
Amanda Jo
Steve Miller
Dewey Van Vickle
Torasie Larsen
Amy Walker
Lynette Elder/Kimball
Brenda Kaschmitter
Amber Meyer
Michael Styx
Stephanie Eder