Ice Bowling is coming back to Long Prairie on Saturday, February 12th. Hosted once again by the Thunder Lodge Sports Bar, this event takes place on Lake Charlotte (located directly behind the bar) and is always a good time.

Sign-up starts at 11 am on the ice, and two-person teams start bowling at noon. The cost is $10 per person, and there is a 100% payout.

I've been attending this event since 2019 and it has always been one of my favorite events of the year.

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Here is how to play:

1. Lanes get plowed in the ice and 6 bowling ball size divots get augured into the ice to catch rolling balls.

2. Teams of two are made with one person per team standing on each end of the "alley"

3. The divots are cut in a bowling/pyramid pattern with 3 holes, 2 holes, and 1 hole, each worth different points. The three in the innermost row are worth one point if you get the ball in those holes, the middle two are worth three points, and the last hole is worth 5 points.

4. Each team has one throw with a bowling ball. Make it in the hole, get points. No canceling of points. The first team to 15 points wins.

Bean Bag tournaments? I don't know her. It's Ice Bowling for me, all the way.

For Ice Bowling updates, be sure to follow the event page on Facebook!

This is my friend Alicia and I. We got paired up as a team for Ice Bowling 2021 and lost immediately but still had so much fun! See you at Ice Bowling 2022!

abbey Minke
abbey Minke

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